POKERFACE – The Fatal Scythe [Official Video]

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Greetings, Friend! We are female fronted (and axed!) thrash/death metal band POKERFACE from Russia. Our music is quite unusual combination of old-school thrash riffs and female scream-growling vocals. Since the moment of formation in 2013 we released two albums – EP ‘Terror Is The Law’ and LP ‘Divide And Rule’, and performed many notable shows with such bands like Sodom, Kreator, Megadeth, Sepultura, Overkill, Children of Bodom, Vader, Death DTA, not only in Russia, but in Europe as well. Help Female Fronted thrash/death metal band from Russia record a new best album and tour Europe!
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20.10.2016 /w NERVOSA (BR) (Tallinn)
19.10.2016 /w NERVOSA (BR) (Riga)
18.10.2016 /w NERVOSA (BR) (Vilnius)
20.08.2016 Metal Crowd Open Air (BLR) (Rechitsa)
01.06.2016 Hammer And Tongs Fest (PL)
24-31.05.2016 Step Into The Inferno Balkan Tour
21.05.2016 w/ SODOM (DE) (Brashov)
17.07.2015 supported by Splash!(Moscow)
28.06.2015 supported by Z’ele(Saratov)
27.06.2015 w/ VADER (PL) (Samara)
25.06.2015 w/ VADER (PL) (Yaroslavl)
13.06.2015 w/ Children of Bodom (FI) (Nizhny Novgorod)
12.06.2015 w/ Children of Bodom (FI) (Moscow)
11.06.2015 w/ Children of Bodom (FI) (Saint Petersburg)
02.06.2015 w/ Claustrofobia (BR) (Moscow)
30.05.2015 METAL EXPLOSION FEST (Smolensk)

22.05.2015 w/ OVERKILL (US) (Saint Petersburg)
11.04.2015 w/ Manic Depression (RU) (Moscow)
24.03.2015 w/ SEPULTURA (BR) (Omsk)
22.03.2015 w/ SEPULTURA (BR) (Ekaterinburg)
21.03.2015 supported by Diamond Blade(Kazan)
20.03.2015 w/ SEPULTURA (BR) (Samara)
17.03.2015 w/ SEPULTURA (BR) (Nizhny Novgorod)
16.03.2015 w/ SEPULTURA (BR) (Yaroslavl)
12.03.2015 w/ SEPULTURA (BR) (Saint Petersburg)
04.12.2014 w/ Sister Sin (SE) (Moscow)
31.10.2014 w/ SODOM (DE) (Minsk)
25.01.2014 w/ SODOM (DE) (Moscow)
01.01.2014 w/ Onkel Tom (DE) (Moscow)
05.10.2013 w/ Knorkator (DE) (Moscow)


Divide and Rule

Track 1. All Is Lie- Something of a suspense filled nature approaches upon the notes of a piano. It’s inhabited by a dark and macabre nature. Your held at the tip of anticipation, when it happens. It goes off like a blast, true soul piercing metal. Get out the air guitar and hold onto your neck, the ride to hell shall get bumpy! These riffs are evil and juicy, dripping with a finite amount of distorted violence. And that solo, it’s artistic perfection!

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ja, ja, sehr gut!

Sorry, metal critics…I hate these definitions “old school thrash”, “new school thrash”. Give a listen to the first full-length album of thrash newcomers PokerFace “Divide And Rule” and tell me what it is. In my modest opinion, it is great raw speedy thrash with some death metal influences (oh, this beauty and beast, two in one, Delirium, pure death metal goddess) which makes metalheads headbang and critics nod: ja, ja, sehr gut!

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Tout le groupe

Si la scène russe avait beaucoup de mal à s’imposer en dehors de ses frontières dans les 80’s, les choses ont bien changé… L’Est est devenu un véritable vivier de l’extrême, avec des groupes toujours plus compétitifs et volontaires, et un nouvel exemple nous en est donné par les Thrashers de POKERFACE, un groupe à la verve et la vitalité étonnantes. Après un premier EP tonitruant, ils reviennent avec un LP complet sous leur bras, Divide and Rule qui pérennise l’héritage Thrash avec un brio incroyable, mais aussi avec beaucoup de naturel.

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Molot Records

La grande madre Russia: terra indomabile, fiera, le cui radici affondano nel gelo perenne. Un popolo orgoglioso, dal cuore d’acciaio forgiato nel fuoco di mille battaglie e rivoluzioni, un popolo che ne ha subite di ogni, che si è piegato mille volte ma spezzato nemmeno una. Viste queste credenziali, non è difficile credere che proprio lì, nella terra degli inverni spezza-ossa e delle guerre, sia molto fiorente una scena Metal di tutto rispetto, che sin dagli anni ’80 ha avuto qualcosa da dire, continuando tutt’oggi grazie a nuove leve.

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